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Independant Critical Reviews of books by Jake Orlo.


Review of "Rampage In Missoula".


"In Orlo's thriller, a Montana cop hunts his partner's assailant.  Orlo rarely misses an opportunity to inject action into his plotlines.


this  mystery is delightfully enigmatic.  An absorbing investigation energizes both the plot and the tough-guy lead."


Kirkus Reviews


Review of "Bittersweet In The Bitterroot".


"Revolving around a young FBI agent on her first case, this seamless fusion of thriller and police procedural is tonally comparable to Thomas Harris' iconic The Silence of the Lambs.


Murder, meth and mystery in Montana.  In a word: marvelous."


Kirkus Reviews


Messed Up In Missoula.


"Orlo's debut crime novel offers complicated, compelling characters.  Thomas Catlin leads a fairly solitary life, but the intricacies of his personality are revealed methodically, and rewardingly, throughout the story."


Kirkus Reviews

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