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The Wolves of Christmas Eve

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Jake Orlo's Christmas novella is now available.


It is Christmas Eve and Sheryl with Bentley, her six-month-old black lab, are lost in the mountains of Montana.  It was clear and sunny this morning when they started out on this wilderness snowshoeing adventure with Pete. Now it was afternoon and the clear sunny day had turned dark and threatening; and Pete was missing.  Sheryl is not sure what to do or which way to go because everything is covered in snow and everything looks the same.


She and Bentley panic when they hear wolves howling around them on the mountain.  Sheryl tries to head away from the wolves but is horrified by the realization that the wolves are zeroing in on them.  Exhausted Sheryl sits down in a clearing and puts her arms around the trembling Bentley, she knows only a miracle can save them.  As the wolves come out of the trees toward them a mysterious cross-country skier rescues them.


Sheryl is about to spend one of the strangest Christmas' she has never even imagined and she is about to find out just how dangerous a man can be and that miracles really do happen on Christmas.

Marketing description

The Wolves of Christmas Eve tells a Christmas miracle story with the same brisk pacing Jake Orlo in known for in his detective murder mysteries.

Book Description

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