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Rampape In Missoula High Resolution Fron

Rampage in Missoula

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Jake Orlo's latest novel is now available and wow, is it a page turner! 

He looked deadly and dangerous.  Everything about him looked icy-cold, except for his eyes.  His usually soft blue eyes were blazing like the blue flame from a gas fire.


Lieutenant Catlin is tough--some might say hard--when the situation calls for it.


His partner, Sergeant Delores Delaney, has seen glimpses of flint in his character when he takes down criminals.  She wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that.  No one  would.


In a few days, the town of Missoula, Montana, will see Catlin at his toughest. Whatever it takes, Catlin plans to get justice for those he cares about.


In Rampage in Missoula, Jake Orlo has crafted a fast-paced crime novel to keep you reading until the last page.

Marketing description

Lieutenant Catlin is single-minded.  He'll get the person responsible for this cold-blooded shooting.  He doesn't mind making people angry in his quest for justice.  In fact, he counts on it.

Book Description

Lieutenant Thomas Catlin of the Missoula police force is scheduled to take a vacation, and he's earned it.


However, his prospects of enjoying this vacation look doubtful.  He's got two problems overshadowing his anticipation of enjoying drinks by the ocean.  His girlfriend, Suzanne, isn't talking to him, and he doesn't know why.  Now it looks like she won't be coming with him to enjoy a week at the beach.  He's still in pursuit of wanted criminal Stevens, suspected of laundering drug money and killing three police officers.  Working with his partner, Sergeant Delores Delaney, Catlin has every intention of bringing Stevens into custody before he gets on the plane for a week off.


No one's surprised when Catlin and Delaney do catch their man, even if they had help from an anonymous source.  The problem is that the love of Lieutenant Thomas Catlin's life still won't talk to him.  Looks like he's leaving for sunny beaches on his own.


As Catlin sits alone, meditating over his relationship with Suzanne, he has no inkling of the events that will bring him roaring back to Missoula to shake up the town.

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