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Bits and Pieces of Memories

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Jake Orlo's latest novel is now available and wow, is it a page turner! 

Agent Elisabeth Hanson now works alone.  Since her partner was injured in the line of duty, the brilliant FBI agent hasn't found anyone worthy of filling his shoes.

Hanson's preference for privacy is challenged by the FBI's latest consultant, millionaire Jack Alerton.  Hanson has been advised to keep Alerton close while investigation a string of murders around Washington, DC.  A year earlier, the Montana millionaire was kidnapped and held for ransom.  He escaped--but not before killing five of his captors.  Now, it seems he has a mysterious connection to Hanson's case.

Alerton agrees to talk to her, but only if he can carry a gun and work as her partner.  Hanson is frustrated by the request but ends up being surprised by the hidden depths the millionaire reveals.  Is he someone she can trust, or are Hanson's emotions clouding her judgment and leading her into a trap.

Marketing description

Elisabeth Hanson is one of the toughest agents in the bureau.  She tackles the cases no one else can solve, but her latest might just be her last!

Book Description

Ever since a previous adventure left her partner out of commission, FBI agent Elisabeth Hanson has insisted on working alone.  Until the bureau can find her a worthy replacement, she's flying solo while investigating the case of a kidnapping gone awry and a series of murders that went exactly as planned.

Reclusive millionaire Jack Alerton is one of the most famous men in america.  A year earlier, he was found dazed on a Georgia highway after fleeing a group of men intent on ransoming him for millions.  Alerton killed five of the men while escaping but believes that the true mastermind is still out there.

To Hanson, Alerton's traumatic experience might make him sympathetic, but it also makes him dangerous.  When a series of murders rocks Washington, DC, he turns out to be the single element linking the victims.  Hanson must fly to Alerton's compound in Montana and determine whether he had any role in the killings.  The man she finds is surprisingly charming and completely frustrating.

As she grows closer to Alerton, Hanson has to decide whether he is an innocent victim or a cold-blooded murderer.  And she knows that if she guesses wrong, it might mean her life.

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