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Somewhere In Montana Is Jake!

Jake Orlo is a writer that is a little bit reclusive with just a dash of the adventurer added that makes it kind of hard to track him down.  This free spirit makes his home in western Montana where he enjoys many outdoor activities.  When asked what he does for a living, he likes to joke that he's a fly-fishermen, hiker, traveler, and sometimes-writer.


Quips aside, this avid outdoorsman and maverick author has been writing fiction for most of his adult life.  But even as a kid he spent a lot of time daydreaming: making up stories.


On the rare chance you do catch up with Jake, most likely outdoors somewhere in Montana, you'll find a pleasant individual who enjoys intelligent conversation and companionship.  If you notice him staring off at nothing don't be alarmed; he's thinking about a story.

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