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A Personal Information Problem


You want creepy, you got it!  Jake Orlo's latest novel is now available and wow, is it a page turner! 

The Metro Area Serial Killer has been terrorizing women in the DC area for too long.  He has a sick obsession with women and won't hesitate to kill any innocent bystanders or witnesses to his crimes.  No one is safe as long as this maniac roams the streets.


To find the killer, the FBI calls in agents Elisabeth Hanson and Bob Parks. As a female agent, Hanson has fought her way through the ranks to become one of the agency's best and brightest.  She is an absolute professional, but even she can't help but be unsettled by the murderer's bloodlust.  When he strikes once more, she comes up with a daring plan to lure him out into the open--and she's going to be the bait!  Will Hanson be able to make her trap work, or will she end up being another victim of one person's dark and violent fantasies?

When Special Agent Elisabeth Hanson is assigned the case of a horrific serial killer, she will face the depths of humanity and danger from a very unlikely source.

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